Robocitans – D to F

D-F Families

Full Name Type Creation Date Creation Place / Joined Rolamaton

Darkal Family
Raydage Darkal (M)
Trul Gestler Darkal (M)

Decryptor Family
Meron Decryptor (M)
Taran Decryptor (M)
Dempster Decryptor (M)
Kall Decryptor (M)
Bris Decryptor (M)

Deepeace Family
Seamus Deepeace (E)
Stargazer Shotters (Deepeace) (M)
Karen Elliot (Deepeace) (M)

Dobetti Family
Kevin Dobetti (E)
Dilt Aminy Dobetti (E)
Angela Mebi Dobetti (E)

Echo Family
Silencer Echo (M)
Jessica Ressi Echo (H)
Dinper Echo (M)
Rield Echo (M)
Garper Echo (M)
Camer Echo (M)
Selenia Echo (M)
Ambrosia Nici Echo (H)
Waveplex Oceanpy Echo (M)
Layer Echo (M/H)

Etiyen Family
Dino Etiyen (M)
Saurus Etiyen (M)
Tork Valemi Etiyen (M)

Express Family
Bluestar Express (E)
((plus Bluestar’s brothers, but I have to retrieve names from my files))Fastery Family
Speeder Fastery (E)
Demir Ostock Fastery (E)Flighter Family
Jet Ray Flighter (M)
Giuliano Rossi (H)
Sentinel Jet Flighter (M)
Barbara D. Flighter (© ) (H) <– to review with my friend
Jetbeam Flighter (M)
Jetflash Flighter (M)
Thunder Seeker (M)Fortlen Family
Talbot Fortlen (M)
Stella Skyflier Fortlen (E)
Giulia Goffrini Fortlen (H)

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