Lia Dospetti was born somewhere in Europe, sometime in September 1985.

As a child, she could be found scribbling down short stories and novels on paper notebooks during school breaks.

As an adult, she defines herself an eternal daydreamer and insatiable bookworm, and is actively working on her novels and short stories for publication (indie and self publishing, mostly, but she won’t disdain an interesting publisher).

She eats SciFi and robots for breakfast.

Note: Lia chose anonymity, so Lia Dospetti isn’t her real name and she will not show herself online unless it’s a drawing or a photo that has been censored and edited. Lia’s personal contents are also heavily edited for privacy without loss of meaning for the overall message. Think Elena Ferrante. Thanks for respecting her choice! Here are some of Lia’s reasons for it.

You can read more about Lia at

About the main Artist for Rolamaton The Robocity

That’s Luana Spinetti and she’s a freelance artist and copywriter from Italy in her mid thirties.

Having known Lia since they were children, she immediately began drawing robots and techy stuff for her friend as soon as she found out that she was writing Rolamaton The Robocity stories. (And the other sister stories and the Evagen Brothers saga.)

The rest is history.

You can order art commissions from Luana. Just head over her commission info and rates page to find out more.