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Note: Robocity World was rebranded in 2017 as Rolamaton The Robocity. Title was edited in this older post.

This post features a Transformers™ fan project, but I wrote about it here because it can mean something for Rolamaton The Robocity as well, as you’ll see. The post was not sponsored; I wrote it because of a personal, emotional attachment to this fan project. 😉

The problem with comics and written books is that, unlike movies, you never get to use your ears to listen to what your favorite characters say.

Sure, you have mental ears and a big imagination, but it stays inside and you can’t share it with others, even if you wanted to. Nobody can listen to your mental voice.

It’s why these days many publishers have audio-books in addition to written books. They makes the fictional experience more real and it also offers a way for visually impaired people to enjoy their favorite books instead of reading braille or getting someone to read for them.

The Audio Knights Theatre

The Transformers: MTMTE (More Than Meets The Eye) comic doesn’t come with official IDW audio-books and that’s where Audio Knights Theatre comes in — a group of fans who are even great voice actors volunteer together to bring MTMTE to life. You can listen to the full audio versions of the first four MTMTE issues via their website and YouTube channel.

Voice actors include such great people like Chris McFeely, content moderator at and Brian Shearer, author of the web comic William The Last. Of course, this is a not-for-profit project and, as the site owners say, it’s a “labor of love, for fans, by fans”.

Just a sample of McFeely’s voice acting for Megatron and Ravage. 😀
I honestly think this is one of the most complex yet rewarding Transformers fan-projects ever started. It is complex, because voice acting is not just reading— it’s acting, it’s lending your voice, mind and emotions to that specific character.

Yeah, I know, I’m not a voice actor so I can’t say, but I role play some Robocitans on blogs, letting them tell their stories themselves; I can’t use voice, but my mind and my typing hands and theirs right there, that precise moment. It’s not me anymore, until I stop. 🙂

If you enjoy voice acting, you can submit your audition for the MTMTE voice over project here. Good luck!

What has this all to do with Rolamaton, then?

Rolamaton The Robocity started in 2001 as a very, very personal Transformers AU, an imaginary place where I could pour my feelings for these giant robots freely, without having to stick to ‘canon’, and where the Transformers themselves would find human-built “mirror versions” of themselves and learn from the Robocitans that they can live in peace.

Then Rolamaton became something special, original, a work of robotic fiction that’s pretty much an extension of my heart and my love for robots. However, it never lost that “spark” of Transformers love.

I’ve been a Transformers fan for 21 years and I’m going nowhere. 🙂 If anything, Transformers and Asimov’s books, together, shaped my view of robots and even my love for them.

But that’s not all about it; there are other two reasons why (previously supports the Audio Knights Theatre:

  1. It’s Rolamaton, the town, community and refuge where scrapped robots and robots looking for a second chance come to build a new life for themselves. It’s a place of human (and robotic) compassion and a strong will to help each other, always. In that spirit, it’s no wonder is always going to support beautiful projects that need a shout out and a signal boost.
  2. I’m learning so much from this fantastic fan-project that I wish — and hope — I’ll have one day the means to do the same for Rolamaton, to bring a few of its Tales to life.

And now your turn!

What do you think about the Audio Knights Theatre project?

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You can follow the fan-project on Twitter at @TAKTonline if you have an account.

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