Hey, Rolamaton Fans! Been A While, Hasn’t It?

I suppose I should apologize for going MIA since last summer, but I will refrain from doing that, because I had some good reasons to put Rolamaton.com on an extended hiatus before relaunch:

Technical issues: there were plenty to fix and I’m only halfway through with those. Mostly, I have to find a way to better manage my server resources, because I can’t afford a dedicated server for this and the other sites I’m hosting.

My health: dealt with panic attacks and awful back pains. I lost someone important in my life a few months ago and I’m slowly recovering from depression. It might take a bit longer this time.

Are There Any News Rolamaton-wise, Though? Answer Is… YES!

There are plenty!

Character Blog Posts

I wrote a few.

The one I’m mostly proud about is Meron Soldiery telling of how he and Sentinel Jet (Leader for the quinquennial 2014-2019) went on a rescue mission in Rome to try to find robots to take to Robocity and how they handled it all.

The blogs are not online yet, so I will update this post with the URL once it’s live and notify everyone on Twitter and DeviantART.

A PowerPoint Presentation and Upcoming Fictional Book

This is W.I.P. but I’m having Meron Soldiery write a PowerPoint presentation of the Rolamaton lifestyle.

In summer, I’ll convert this presentation into a fictional book authored by Meron Soldiery titled Handbook of Robocitan Lifestyle for everybody to read (thanks for voting on my dA poll about this!)

Patreon and Ko-Fi

Rolamaton is now on Patreon and Ko-fi!

Not all alone, since I’m going to use these crowdfunding channels to also support my other webseries, from The Gearshift Family to Evagen Brothers: The Spawn of Mechatrace (more commonly known as the “Eva brothers”).

The Rolamaton Podcast

Upcoming April 2020, I’m going to launch my new podcast on all things Rolamaton.

One thing I want to do with this podcast is idea sharing and responding to all your questions, FAQ style.

Feel free to email me your questions to lia.mara@liadospetti.com (please cc lia.mara.dospetti@gmail.com) so I can answer them in the first podcast episodes!

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