Robocity and Why I Love TF:MTMTE (Uhm, Yeah)

This entry is more about Transformers™ than Robocity World, but as you read it, you’ll understand why I posted it here.

When I did I start reading Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye?

Well, last October, I guess, when I put up this journal entry about Shattered Glass‘ Megatron on DeviantART and my friend fourth-heir replied:


You see, that was something I’ve always wanted to see in Transformers— a chance for Megatron and the other Decepticons to redeem themselves.

And it’s true– when Robocity was still a small fanwork, that was the feeling that permeated it. Even as original work, you can still perceive that feeling in the very spirit of Robocity.

In a way, I see James Roberts — writer for MTMTE — as a kindred soul. Wish we could have a talk about story writing, character development and other things, but of course I would be asking too much. 🙂

So– I liked the MTMTE previews so much that I borrowed the issues from a person and I tried to see if I could get them through the comic book shop here in my town. Unfortunately that wasn’t possible and I would have had to rely on online shipping with crazy fees, so I took advantage of the Humble Bundle these days to buy all 37 issues of MTMTE and then I ordered a paper version of issue #38 from IDW (crazy postage *sigh* $3.99 + $12+ of shipping).

Note: you can still purchase the Humble Bundle if you are interested! Follow the link above. (Disclosure: the link does NOT contain affiliate IDs)

Hope to get a chance to buy the next issues digitally without DRM, because buying paper comics is way too expensive here.

But let’s move on. 🙂

Why I love MTMTE so much

Transfer and Shotfire reading MTMTE

Transfer and Shotfire reading MTMTE

Okay, MTMTE and Robocity could be long-lost siblings. Seriously. That was the first reason I started to read MTMTE and I can imagine my Robocitans reading it with me, discussing it together. I could go as far as to say that my Robocitan Transfer developed a soft spot for MTMTE Brainstorm, because both of them were bad guys once but could never get to kill anybody. On the right, here, is a rough sketch of Transfer reading a MTMTE issue and getting teary-eyed (aww) and Shotfire telling him “Told ya it was interesting. Yes, Shotty, we know. ^^

MTMTE has everything I’ve always wanted to see in Transformers. I mentioned this already, but I had childhood dreams of seeing Decepticons turning (or at least, trying to be) good guys. I also wanted to see Transformers showing affection for each other — hugs, romantic love, true friendships, etc. — and I found it in MTMTE. I wanted to see more sociology, philosophy, education and the tackling of social issues– and I get all of these in MTMTE.

I told James Roberts:

MTMTE is a dream come true. 🙂

Everybody in the fandom seems to have found a piece of themselves in this storyline. I mean it. I’ve been watching and reading MTMTE fans all over DeviantART and Twitter over the last month and I heard beating hearts all over the place. It’s amazing. I think MTMTE has connected more people than the writer and artists are currently aware of. Hope that brings fans together in respectful ways, too. There’s plenty of diversity, here. I mean– human diversity. There’s a place for everybody in MTMTE.

What’s next?

Well, I promised James Roberts a comic page about Robocitans reading MTMTE and discussing it. Just a tiny tribute involving my (absolutely excited) characters.

The convo’s here:

I swear– it’s going to take a while before I complete the comic, because I’m often sick, busy (with work) and kinda rusty when it comes to comic scripting and drawing.

I’ll make it, though. 🙂 I promised one of my favorite writers (yes, James, you’re only second to Isaac Asimov now).

And I can’t wait for MTMTE #39 now. I’ve fallen in love, irreparably. (But of course, I’ll wait.)

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