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Let the Robocitans greet you at the gate of their little town!

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Rolamaton is a robocity located in the Castelli Romani area of Italy, where mechanical creatures in distress or looking for redemption find peace, and a second chance.

I’m Lia Mara Dospetti, the author of Rolamaton The Robocity and I also give you my welcome.

Enjoy my SciFi webseries! 🙂


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Latest Articles

Image: Rolamaton Updates with artwork of running Waveplex Echo

DJD Tarn: Who’s This Transformers Character and How It Inspired Hackle of Rolamaton

DJD Tarn from Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye (IDW comic series) is kind of a unique character, and as multi-faceted a villain as you might find. The main reason I became fond of him as I read the MTMTE issues was that he didn’t sound like a completely evil person — he sounded more […]

Image: Rolamaton in Writing Challenges (featuring bust of a smiling Shotfire Adams)

#vss365 Writing Prompt: Speed Running (Flash Fiction)

Recently I took part in a Twitter writing prompt challenge — #vss365 — and I hadn’t even realized that I ended up writing about I.A.R. robots: Speed running through the colossal tunnels, careful not to blow up on the mined gardens. Hurrying to meet the only people a sentient robot on a frantic escape from […]

Image: Rolamaton Updates with artwork of running Waveplex Echo

Hey, Rolamaton Fans! Been A While, Hasn’t It?

I suppose I should apologize for going MIA since last summer, but I will refrain from doing that, because I had some good reasons to put Rolamaton.com on an extended hiatus before relaunch: Technical issues: there were plenty to fix and I’m only halfway through with those. Mostly, I have to find a way to […]

Rolamaton Supports The Audio Knights Theatre Fan-Project!

Note: Robocity World was rebranded in 2017 as Rolamaton The Robocity. Title was edited in this older post. This post features a Transformers™ fan project, but I wrote about it here because it can mean something for Rolamaton The Robocity as well, as you’ll see. The post was not sponsored; I wrote it because of […]

Robocity and Why I Love TF:MTMTE (Uhm, Yeah)

This entry is more about Transformers™ than Robocity World, but as you read it, you’ll understand why I posted it here. When I did I start reading Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye? Well, last October, I guess, when I put up this journal entry about Shattered Glass‘ Megatron on DeviantART and my friend fourth-heir […]