What is Rolamaton?

I created Rolamaton The Robocity on November 11, 2001.

It was originally named just “Robocity World” from the simple fact that the place at the heart of the narration — and the worldbuilding itself — is a city of robots.

Little mattered that Robocity was nothing more than a group of buildings within a small Italian town – to its people, it was still a city.

A place they could belong to.

What It Is

Rolamaton is a “Robocity” as in a “city of robots”, but it is not an actual city. Rolamaton is more like a residential area with a handful of buildings, a garage, storage hourses and a small park.

The location for Rolamaton is the real public library of Genzano di Roma is, the “Centro Culturale Carlo Levi”. I gave it that location because it’s a beautiful place where my friend and I have created a ton of memories, a place where we would always let our imagination run wild.

In other words, I wanted the “idea of Rolamaton” to be close to me even in real life.

The Robocitans consider Rolamaton as a family-style community, in the sense that it is like a big house where a big family lives its daily adventures.

I liked the idea of a siblinghood between Robocitans, so I developed my Tales around it.

I never regretted it.

How It Is (the Structure)

To follow the movements of Robocitans inside of their robot-city, it’s important to understand the internal structure of Rolamaton.

Rolamaton is made of five buildings (as of June 2016) — A, B, C, D, E — with three floors each. Every floor hosts several apartments, that can be large enough for a family to live or small enough for single use.

Family apartments are equipped with a bathroom and kitchen; single ones only have a bedroom and a cooking corner with a table, chair and a small fridge.

Every floor has a public bathroom for common use.

I added plants of Rolamaton to this page to help you visualize the spaces.

Building A

The first floor of the first building (the one that was built first) has no apartments, only public locals:

  • Main kitchen
  • Meeting room (also used as a library and a canteen)
  • Prison
  • Nursery school
  • Public bathrooms
  • Gym
  • Storage
  • Archive
  • Medical bay

Building B

On the first floor, you’ll find Rolamaton’s grade schools:

  • Primary school
  • Middle school
  • High school
  • Science lab
  • A few apartments

Building C

This building is fully residential (apartments only).

The high-ceiling first floor is assigned to the Guardians of Rolamaton (Titanus and Gigatron). Each Guardian is assigned a 70 mq apartment with bathroom and kitchen.

Buildings D


Building E