Robocitans from Rolamaton (Profiles)

**This page is under construction**

This is a list of the citizens of Robocity (Robocitans) ordered per family (alphabetically). Non-established or under-development characters are listed at the bottom of this page.

Robocitans are listed with Name/Middle Name and Last Name, alphabetically. Double Last Name means that the robot (or the human) has been adopted or got married (or engaged) but decided to keep the original Last Name before the new one.

  • The list already spoils the families’ stories, so I avoided spoiling more by indicating the relationships between the family members. You will learn that by reading the stories, comics and profiles. However, if you use a bit of insight, you could guess something from the creation dates and places.

* Click on the Robocitan’s name to open his/her profile! *

A-C Families


Full Name Type Creation Date Creation Place / Joined Rolamaton

Adams Family

Caleb Adams Experimental Robot Feb 25, 1995 TBD
Carol Cimelli Adams Human Aug 12, 1987 TBD
Commander Adams Experimental Robot Jan 13, 1977 TBD
C-Police Adams Experimental Robot Feb 14, 1984 TBD
Daniele Cimelli Adams Human Apr 17, 1996 TBD
Shotfire Adams Experimental Robot o TBD

Allder Family

Galt Allder Experimental Robot Oct 11, 1988 TBD
Diap Cortili Allder Experimental Robot Feb 24, 1998 TBD
Ewan Cortili Allder Experimental Robot Jan 02, 1998 TBD
Duns Cortili Allder Experimental Robot Dec 31, 1997 TBD

Allen Family

Full Name Type Creation Date Creation Place / Joined Rolamaton

Firebot Allen (E)
Manuela Cruccioli Allen (H)
Reyner Dorian Allen (E/H)
Javion Expers Allen (E)

Arches Family
Stereo Arches (E)
Ariel Santamaria Arches (E)
Reler Arches (E)
Etech Arches (E)
Tewar Novi Arches (E)

Barity Family
Denmos Barity (M)
Dalila Maccheri Barity (H)

Blocks Family
☄ Pith Blocks (E)
☄ Rodten Blocks (E)

Bogo Family
☄ Racer Bogo (E)
☄ Rhand Bogo (E)
☄ Spiro Bogo (E)

Bringout Family
Shuttlebus Bringout (E)
Tessa Debassi Bringout (E)
Hotspur Edeys Bringout (M)

Cerri Family
Mitrala Cerri (M)
King Cerri (M)
June Cerri (E)
Hyperion Cerri (M)

Chromen Family
Javion Chromen (E)
Irongate Energy Chromen (E)

Crote Family
Fabio Crote (H)
Enonia Ladymoon Crote (E)

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