Sentinel Jet Flighter

Full Name: Sentinel Jet Flighter
Gender: Male
Birthdate: July 28th, 1986
Birthplace: IAR Laboratory
Type: Military Robot
Height: 1.76 m
Weight: 128 kg
Eye Color: Red
IAR Function: Aerial robot with artillery for recognition and attack
Status: Engaged
Family: Two younger brothers, Jetflash (1995) and Thunder (2001), and an older sister, Jet Ray (1985)

Other details: He’s often so cheeky that he draws down upon Destroyer’s fury. He doesn’t do it on purpose, though (and let’s say it, Destroyer’s can hardly control his own mind).

Profile: Sentinel Jet is a cheerful and a bit ingenuous Military ‘bot who often gets in trouble without realizing it. He’s afraid of Destroyer, his ex-commander at IAR, who could get as far as to beat him up for his tongue. Actually, Destroyer has never tolerated him around, so he flares up every time he sees him. In spite of his temperament, Sentinel Jet has a sweet and caring personality and he’s always ready to help his friends. He’s also shy, especially around girls, and he’s sure he was born to be a loser but that doesn’t stop him from trying to pursue his dreams. Fortunately, there’s his friend Meron to comfort him when he feels sad and lonely. Eventually, Sentinel Jet falls in love with a human girl and adopts little Jetbeam in 2004. Ten years later, in 2014, Sentinel Jet is elected Leader of Robocity for the quinquennial 2014-2019, to see one of his biggest dreams come true.

Biography: Sentinel Jet was created by a team of IAR scientists to be a member of the Air Troops. Like every IAR Military robot, he began the training course at the age of seven. His childhood has therefore never been a happy one (as if anybody could ever live happily at IAR, huh?).

General Destroyer began to take advantage of him when he was six, beating him up and insulting him to vent his aggressive instincts. Sentinel Jet feared him and often tried to avoid him, but his natural loquacity always managed to make Destroyer furious. The problem became more serious when, at the age of eight, Sentinel Jet became an Air Troop Commander. He had been chosen for his fighting qualities and for his ability to plan and direct his comrades, something that made him proud, but his team was subordinate to Destroyer’s and it was directly under his command – he would have had Destroyer on him all the time!

During the 12 months he was in charge of the Air Troop, Sentinel Jet learned to appreciate Destroyer, not only to fear him: in fact, Destroyer was an unbeatable fighter and a respected commander, and Sentinel Jet wanted to be like him. But the future can’t be foreseen so, a year later, Sentinel Jet took part in that last mission that, together with Destroyer, Ceron and other Military robots, led him to Robocity. The friendly atmosphere and the kindness of Experimental robots convinced Sentinel Jet and the others to remain in Robocity, stopping the eternal cycle of fight and kill.

Unfortunately, even in Robocity Sentinel Jet had to undergo Destroyer’s tortures, but in February of 2002, Prometeus found out about the whole matter and the ex-commander was prosecuted according to the Robocity Laws. With the promise he would try his best to follow psychotherapy and become a better person, Destroyer managed to obtain Sentinel Jet’s forgiving and to make him his friend, even though madness and fury still take the best of him at times, and in such cases, he can beat up the poor robot again. Destroyer could never forgive Sentinel Jet for having prevented him from committing suicide, but to his misfortune, his son Meron sided with Sentinel Jet and protected him from Destroyer’s oppression. Even when Meron was only seven years old (in 2002), Sentinel Jet had found in him the friend and the “fatherly figure” he had never had, someone who could defend and comfort him from the bitterness of life.

A few years earlier, Sentinel Jet had found out he had two brothers: Jetflash and Thunder, built with his Genetic Chips that were still at the IAR Laboratory, and a sister, Jet Ray, a year older than him.

In 2004, Sentinel Jet met Barbara, a human girl, and they eventually fell in love with each other. A bit later, when they were already together, Sentinel Jet grew affectionate to little Jetbeam, a four years old Military robot of his same kind (aerial robot) and he resolved to adopt him.

In 2013, Robocity Leaders Meron Soldiery, Shotfire and Commander Police Adams sent potential candidates for the new Leadership elections letters to invite them to present an application. Sentinel Jet got one for himself and he thought to be daydreaming at first, only then to realize he found the opportunity of his life. To his disbelief, Robocitans trusted him more than he ever did himself, because on the election day, April 20th of 2014, he made it to the top of votes and only second to Talla Netteri.

As a Leader, Sentinel Jet is dedicated, responsible and always open to listen to any problems Robocitans old and new may have. His natural loquacity combined with his listening skills serves him well for his consulting duties.

Hobbies: Because of his speed in flying and the pleasant sense of freedom he feels doing it, Sentinel Jet likes to fly in acrobatic and high-speed flights, with his brothers and other jets, too. Other hobbies are videogames and volleyball but, most of all, Sentinel Jet loves to spend time with children and with this friends Meron Soldiery, Shotfire and Caleb Adams.

Antipathies: Destroyer in the first place, because he can maltreat and insult him without reason. As a second come Jet Ray and Jetflash, because they don’t act like siblings to him, but they drive him out and they never pay attention to him. Finally, there’s Eron, Meron’s brother, who always makes fun of him and plays the victim to enrage his father (Destroyer) against him.

Weakness: Sentinel Jet takes easy offense at every insult, even a joke, and he grows depressed and always needs comforting (he suffers from an inferiority complex). He’s pig-headed, too, and he’s inclined to jealousy, especially towards Meron, because he thinks of him his only best friend. When he makes a mistake, he repeats it many times before learning the lesson (like staying away from Destroyer).

The Focus: Sentinel Jet and Meron

If you ask Sentinel Jet who’s the most important person in his life, he would undoubtedly tell you that’s Meron. In fact, the younger robot was always a “little dad” to Sentinel Jet, always ready to encourage and comfort him. And Sentinel Jet is the kind of person who really needs all these things.

Meron was always a responsible kid, with a deep understanding of others’ feelings. He feels protective towards Sentinel Jet, so he acts as a father when Sentinel needs it. He protects him and cheers him up when he’s sad. Sentinel Jet thinks of Meron as his only true friend and their relationship has stayed strong even with years passing.

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