#vss365 Writing Prompt: Speed Running (Flash Fiction)

Recently I took part in a Twitter writing prompt challenge — #vss365 — and I hadn’t even realized that I ended up writing about I.A.R. robots:

Speed running through the colossal tunnels, careful not to blow up on the mined gardens. Hurrying to meet the only people a sentient robot on a frantic escape from slavery could truly trust.

But that – that trust – was a fatal mistake.

This would be pretty much the destiny of many I.A.R. robots in my Rolamaton The Robocity continuity.

They think they can trust their human partners, but all they are seen as is tools to military scopes.

So you see: without thinking too much, I ended up writing about those ‘bots again.

I’m not disappointed. It means the creativity juices are flowing again. Yay!

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