Glossary of Terms

Terms are listed and explained in alphabetical order.


Electronian/Electronian Hybrid (E/EL): Robot born from a Military Robocitan and an Explorabot

Experimental/Military Hybrid (E/M): Robot born from an Experimental and a Military robot (example: Meron Soldiery)

Experimental Robot: In the Robocity continuity, Experimental Robots are autonomous robots built to protect human beings from dangers and help them with their jobs. Sometimes, that leads so different types of servitude, and that’s a reason why most robots end up in Robocity instead of sticking to their creators/utilizers.

Human/Experimental Hybrid (H/E): Robot born from an Experimental robot and a human via the ALL-Life settings of some robots who can extract the DNA of their human partners.

Human/Military Hybrid (H/M): Robot born from a Military robot and a human

I.A.R: I.A.R. stands for International Army of Robots and it’s a cover title for a criminal organization that produces robots to illegally fight and kill. The number of I.A.R. bases worldwide is unknown. They’re quite good at erasing their footprints.

Military/Electronian Hybrid (M/EL): Robot born from an Experimental Robocitan and an Explorabot

Military Robot: Robots of the Military Type are built to fight and are mostly used for military purposes. I.A.R. robots, in particular, were built to combat and kill.