Oil-Fender Terrain

Oil-Fender Terrain, Experimental RobotOil-Fender is a gender-neutral Experimental** robot and uses they/them/their or nhe/nhem/nhes* pronouns. They’re tolerant of misplaced pronouns if they know someone’s trying and just making mistakes (unless people are doing it on purpose).

2. They were created on August 3, 2014 as an adult type of robot, but their mind and sense of wonder are quite child-like.

3. Unlike other Robocitans, Oil-Fender doesn’t age up unless they undergo surgical changes.

4. Oil-Fender is a prototype and their creator wanted to build an entire series of them, to work in the oil industry.

5. Oil-Fender’s last name is not their creator’s — they invented one for the registry when they joined Rolamaton on February 2nd, 2016. ‘Terrain’ made sense for them, as a reminder of their past and a way to start a new life as a Robocitan.

6. The reason they became a Robocitan is that their creator’s project cost too much and he got his funds cut down until he had to abandon it. Since he didn’t have a personal use for the robot, and knowing he couldn’t give them a future, he brought Oil-Fender to Rolamaton.

7. Unlike many other Robocitans with a horrible past, Oil-Fender had a good relationship with their creator and keeps in telephone and Internet contact with him.

8. Oil-Fender loves art and you might find them painting en-plein-air in the park of Rolamaton on sunny Spring or Summer days. Their dream is to build a workshop for all Rolamaton artists to create, teach and sell art, as well as help raise awareness of robot creativity among skeptic humans.

* Pronouns created by the ALL-Life Prototype, the very first robot of the kind Rolamaton gives a home to. I’ll go in-depth on this in The Search for the ALL-Life Prototype, a mini-series of Tales/comics set in late 2015.

** Experimental robots are robots built to protect human beings and help them with their jobs.