Robocity Prometeus VS. Prometeus, The Evil Spirit (Comparison)

Some Robocitans are mirror universe versions of Electronians and viceversa. Prometeus Spacey is among these, as he’s the Robocitan version of the Prometeus, the Evil Spirit in the Electronian mythology. The comparison between these two is actually one of the most amusing in my fictional world.


Gender: Male
Bithdate: August 29th, 1957
Birthplace: IAR labs
Function: Aerial missile launching device
Optics colour: Violet
Type: IAR Military Robot
Details: Loves cooking and spending time with children; once he fell in love with Scylla, but he then chose to “leave” her to his friend Ancieron
Gender: Male
Birthdate: unknown
Birthplace: unknown
Age: unknown
Function: Evil spirit
Optics colour: Violet
Status: Symbolizes Evil in the Electronian mythology
Details: He semi-invisible and triggers deep feelings of terror in those who enter in contact with him

What is Similar?

Physical appearance is identical at first glance. Prometeus Spacey and Prometeus, the Evil Spirit are almost “clones” from horns to feet.

Another element of identity is the passion– for food. Obviously in a different style: the Evil Spirit consumes the souls that choose to serve him as their god, while Prometeus Spacey loves cooking and baking. That’s why he’s been elected as the Chief Cook of Robocity.

What is Different?

Personality is the main trait that distinguishes the two Prometeus.

The Evil Spirit is a monster, a being whose only purpose is to bring destruction and death on his path. Prometeus Spacey of Robocity is a selfless robot, he likes joking and taking care of children. He loves animals and nature (with a soft spot for flowers) and, since his escape from IAR, he feels he finally found his real self.

Finally, they are different in height, of course. Prometeus Spacey is human-sized at 178 cm, while the other is a spirit, so he can be as small or as ginormous as he wishes.

The Comment

Honestly, creating Prometeus for my Planet Electronia storyline didn’t feel very nice, because I hated the thought of a robot capable to destroy souls like the Devil. Then, for reasons I still can’t understand, my imagination decided to “reformat” him into a good guy for Robocity. Call it his redemption, if you like.