Meron Soldiery VS. Meron-Fighter of Electronia (Comparison)

Robocity Meron VS. Meron-Fighter of Electronia

Some Robocitans are mirror versions of Electronians. Meron Soldiery is one of these, as he’s the Robocitan version of Meron-Fighter of Electronia. Two robots, so identical yet so different, that represent the most important basic difference between Robocity and Electronia.


Bithdate: February 15th, 1995
Birthplace: Electronia – Mechawar Headquarters (during a trip)
Optics color: Red
Type: Robocitan Military/Experimental hybrid
Details: He can’t stand Jetflash
Birthdate: unknown
Birthplace: Electronia
Age: 9 million years (c.a.)
Optics color: red
Status: leader of the Mechawars
Details: he’s ruthless to traitors
Alliance: Mechawars

What is Similar?

Their physical appearance, of course, but that’s not the only thing. Meron Soldiery and Meron of Electronia have many aspects of their personality in common, too. Both of them have charisma, determination, ability in organize things and sense of responsibility.

They seem to be born for leadership, and this fact makes them trustworthy between their people.

They remain faithful to the causes in which they believe, even if this means to run into serious risks.

Both of them are a bit touchy and they don’t tolerate others’ insolence (Jetflash for the little Robocitan and Jet Sentinel of Mechawars for the Mechawar leader, for instance).

What is Different?

The differences between most characters are at the basis of the Robocity-Electronia universes, and surely the ones between Meron Soldiery and Meron of Electronia are the most remarkable.

Meron of Electronia is cruel and ruthless towards his enemies, he can hardly forgive (if not at all), and he hates Advancer One, the Commander of the Explorabots. In the continuity of Robocity, there’s peace on Electronia, but Meron’s feelings and inclinations aren’t changed a lot. However, he’s become more patient and tolerant towards his old enemies and the other species.

Meron Soldiery is the quite opposite. He’s sweet, tender and sympathetic, he forgives easily, and he loves his friend Commander Adams (Robocitan version of the Commander of Explorabots) a lot. He hates discriminations and violence, and he always tries to set Military and Experimental robots, Mechawars and Explorabots, at peace. He considers Meron of Electronia a friend and he always tries to direct him on the way of goodness and a peaceful lifestyle.

The Comment

I was liking the idea of a “good Meron”, so I created him for this alternative universe. I must be honest: I’m a convinced pacifist and I don’t like so much to see Mechawars and Explorabots hurting each other, even though that’s another of my stories. By creating Robocity I found a way to be more loyal to my heart, in that spirit of “changing things for the greater good”… At least among the robots of Electronia. =)