Tales of Rolamaton – Year 2002

Year 2002 sees Robocity reach the number ninety in citizen count and commuty life gets richer and varied in interpersonal relations. However, that doesn’t come without problems and pain sometimes seems to turn into a daily thing. Courage and love for life and peace give Robocitans the drive to face the toughest situations.

Looking for Love (25/02/2002)

Meron Soldiery is sad because he lost his mom in 2001. Silencer Echo, a friend who’s like a father to him, is there to provide some comfort.

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Double Face (28/02/2002)

Sentinel Jet Flighter has known Destroyer for long time. At I.A.R. he was his second-in-command officer and member of the aerial attack squad, that was still under Destroyer’s command. Now, in Robocity, the relationship between Sentinel and Destroyer has become stronger and it changed into friendship. However, everyone in Robocity started to notice the many ‘shades’ of this relationship.

Status: fixing old translation from Italian

Not The End of Happiness (20/07/2002)

Someone’s playing a double game behind Sentinel Jet Flighter’s back. Finding out the truth will cause an inner crisis.

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